Casinos in the Philippines are developing rapidly. How should players avoid incidents?
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Last Updated:02 April 2024

Philippines casino incident

Gambling in the Philippines has developed rapidly in recent years. Industry insiders said at the ASEAN Summit in March that the Philippine gaming market will surpass Singapore in 2024 and will become the second largest gaming market in Asia.

How quickly has the Philippine gaming industry discovered? Let’s take a look at some of the weird and strange things about Philippine gaming. Basically, one of them is the “hot-blooded gambler” incident in 2017. It refers to a casino shooting incident that occurred in Manila, Philippines in 2017, which attracted widespread attention around the world. Here are the details of the incident:


On June 2, 2017, a serious shooting incident occurred at the Resorts World Manila casino in Manila, Philippines. At that time, a gambler wearing black clothes and a mask entered the casino with an automatic rifle and opened fire on the gamblers and employees present. He then set fire to parts of the casino.

Victims and Impact

The incident resulted in the deaths of at least 37 people, including gamblers and employees. Most of the deaths were caused by suffocation caused by smoke and fire, not gunfire. In addition, dozens of people were injured. The incident attracted media and public attention around the world, causing great panic and confusion.

Identity of the perpetrator

The perpetrator is believed to be a native Filipino man named Jesse Carlo. According to reports, he was a gambler with serious debts and may have robbed the casino to cover his debts on the day of the incident. However, Philippine police later stated that the incident was not a terrorist attack but a personal crime.

Police and casino response

Philippine police quickly intervened and exchanged gunfire with the perpetrators. During the confrontation with the police, the perpetrator chose to commit suicide and pointed the gun at his own head. Police later confirmed he was dead. The Resorts World Manila casino was also immediately closed and a comprehensive investigation and restoration work was launched to resume normal operations.

Reflection on events

The incident sparked widespread discussion about casino security and the state of security in the Philippines. Casino operators and government authorities have stepped up security measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. At the same time, this has also caused a deeper reflection on the supervision and management of the Philippine gambling industry to ensure the safety and legal operation of the casino industry.


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