Aruze Gaming Global Expands into Macau and Philippine Markets
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Last Updated:19 June 2024

Aruze Gaming Global, a leading slot machine manufacturer, has received license approvals to operate in Macau and the Philippines, marking a significant milestone in its expansion strategy. This approval is part of the company's broader plan to establish a robust presence in Asia, with new offices and distributorships planned for Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.


Major Expansion Achievements

The recent approvals in Macau and the Philippines are part of a larger expansion effort that has seen Aruze Gaming Global extend its reach from 76 jurisdictions in August 2023 to 160 as of now. This rapid growth demonstrates the company's commitment to tapping into new markets and increasing its global footprint.


North American Approvals

In addition to its Asian expansion, Aruze Gaming Global has also secured approvals in several North American jurisdictions, including the U.S. states of Pennsylvania and Virginia, and Canadian regions like Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. The company is also in the process of obtaining licenses in numerous other regions, further underscoring its aggressive growth strategy.


New Gaming Titles and Market Performance

Kelcey Allison, the Global Chief Operating Officer for Aruze Gaming Global, emphasized the perfect timing of these new licenses, coinciding with the launch of several new gaming titles. These new titles are performing exceptionally well, at two to three times the house average, providing exciting new content for both existing and new markets.


Betty Zhao, Senior Vice President of International Operations, expressed enthusiasm about the company's explosive growth and high-performing new content, which are generating significant excitement among new customers.


Future Plans and Market Strategy

Aruze Gaming Global's strategy includes establishing a stronger presence in key Asian markets by opening offices and distributorships in Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This will enable the company to better serve its customers and capitalize on the growing demand for innovative gaming solutions in these regions.


The company's participation in industry events like the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia further showcases its commitment to growth and innovation. One of the key products highlighted at G2E Asia was the standalone progressive game "Gong Gong Lai Fu," which is set to launch in Macau and the Philippines within the year.



Aruze Gaming Global's recent license approvals in Macau and the Philippines, along with its planned expansions into other Asian markets, highlight its strategic efforts to grow its international presence. The company's robust portfolio of new gaming titles and its commitment to market expansion position it for continued success in the dynamic global gaming industry.


For more details on Aruze Gaming Global's expansion and new product offerings, refer to the official press release and industry updates.


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